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Municipality Kyustendil

Dear fellow citizens and visitors to the Municipality of Kyustendil,
The human imagination is perhaps too modest to imagine exactly how our town looked nineteen centuries ago, when it was declared to be the centre of a province. Many lives have had their fate entwined in order for us to reach the present day. It is to us that the honour has fallen to be contemporaries, but we should remember that nothing starts or ends with us: let us be proud of ancient Kyustendil. But despite the difficulties and challenges of the present day, we should have the will and ambition to build our town together as a temple to the Future, as a shining lighthouse on the shores of world globalization.
Let us open our hearts to the people around us those with whom we share our faith and dreams. They shall sensitize us to create Good. And Kyustendil needs that.
Let us stand before our ancestors and bequeath to those who will come after us the spiritual and economic space that our nation has fought for.
Let us seek harmony in simple things and open up our hearts to that which is constructive, because all of us have a need to keep our human hopes alive




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